Face Coverings

Handmade face coverings for adults and children in a range of lovely fabrics. Double cotton. Washable. Choice of fitting: ties, adjustable ear loops, or over-the-head adjustable ‘halo’ loops.

£6 per face covering (+ £1 contribution towards postage)
SPECIAL OFFER: 5 Masks for £28

If interested, you can contact me via the contact form at the bottom of this page or via my Facebook page.

These are NOT PPE for medical settings, they are an added layer of protection for when in busy shops or on public transport. They do NOT protect the wearer, rather they help to protect OTHERS should the wearer be unknowingly carrying the virus. If you or anyone in your household have symptoms, stay home – don’t put on a face mask and assume it is okay to go out.

Current Fabrics

Current fabrics for facecoverings...